Brie ref 3133

Brie ref 3133

Brianna (Brie)

Date of Birth: June 2016

Colour : Tricolour

Gender: Female, spayed 

Could live with older children

Could live with another dog subject to successful introduction 

Can be left for up to 4 hours in a crate

Brianna is a super tiny, pretty little girl 🐶🌸. She has had quite a sad life prior to coming into Beagle Welfare 😢, without much interaction with the outside world 🌍, and while many dogs from this background may struggle with fear and anxiety, Brianna is absolutely loving life! ❤️ Coming into foster and becoming part of a pack has been hugely exciting for her 🎉, she absolutely loves her new friends 🐕🐕, and, although she could live as an only dog in the right circumstances, she would love to have a playmate 🧸.

She really enjoys her walks 🚶‍♀️ and will happily meet both humans and dogs without reacting while out and about 🌳. Brianna is doing very well with her house training 🏡 and is no longer having accidents, but she will likely regress slightly when adopted, until she feels settled. Anyone wishing to adopt her must accept this 🥰.

Initially, Brianna showed her excitement at home by being vocal 🗣, everything is so exciting and overwhelming for her, although distraction with a walk or nice chew made it easily manageable 🦴🚶‍♀️.

This has now calmed down completely, and she is taking her cues from the resident dogs very well 🐕🐕.

However, this excited vocalisation could well reappear again when she is adopted, until she feels settled, so please ensure that you have a home arrangement that can cope with this before applying to adopt her 🙏.

Brianna is a real cuddle monster, and loves her belly rubs too, so lots of love and sofa cuddles are an absolute must!