4 year old tri coloured male

Location: Staffordshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Bowe is a stand out character here at the rehoming centre.  This 4 year old tri colour is a fun loving lad, with a big personality and some very endearing little quirks which we’ve enjoyed learning.  What he really needs is someone who has lots of time and patience, and is as willing to learn from him as he is to learn from you.


Bowe is house trained and crate trained, and doesn’t mind being on his own for a few hours.  As with any beagle, Bowe loves his food.  You might say this mischievous little hound loves his food a little too much, so he needs a home with clear work surfaces and secure cupboards, as well as humans who have quick reflexes.   Because of this, we’d recommend that Bowe’s new home is one without younger children.


Bowe has been responding really well to positive reward training, and someone who will speak calmly to him.  He does not like being grabbed around the collar, but will move away or drop items he shouldn’t have if you offer a treat.  He’s also a bit wary of dogs he meets while he’s on the lead, but soon calms down once he gets to say hello.  We’ve done a lot of work to help him with this, but someone prepared to offer him ongoing training would be great for him. Bowe has been going out on walks regularly whilst at the rehoming centre and has responded well and he doesn’t react as much as he did at the start, so his new owner needs to build up a trust and a bond with him and then Bowe will respond well. he would benefit his new owner using treats on walks and maybe clicker training.


Bowe is vaccinated and microchipped, so all he needs is a human family who are ready to help him build up his confidence, and offer him lots of cuddles and playtime.  He would be happy to live with another dog, or with a bossy girl who could put this cheeky boy back in his place if he steps out of line.