Biscuit ref 3024

Biscuit ref 3024

Contact: 01283 575175

Date of birth: Unknown – approximately 5 years old

Colour: Tricolour

Gender: Female, not spayed

* Would prefer an adult only home

* Has never lived with cats

* Could possibly live with another dog

* House trained

* Can be left at home for 3 hours

🐕 Biscuit would love to find a home where she’ll have a large garden to run around in 🌳🏡, and the opportunity to go for lots of walks 🚶‍♀️🐾.

She has really excelled at training classes 🎓, so would benefit from learning a dog activity like scent work or agility to keep her brain active 🐾🧠.

Biscuit doesn’t dislike young children 👶, but seems to go out of her way to ignore them 🙈, so an adult-only home 🚫👧 or one with teenage children would be a good match for her 🤝.

She likes people who understand that when she paws you 👋, she wants you to stroke her 🐾, or will return the big hugs she offers 🤗.

While she’s not one for toys 🧸, she appreciates a fluffy blanket to snuggle into 🛌.