5 year old tri colored female

Location: Warrington

Contact: 01283 575 175

Beryl is a five year old tricolour female, who needs a new home as a child in her family has become allergic to her.  She is neutered and microchipped.


Beryl loves to go on her walks, and gets very excited when she realises it’s time to go out.  She will pull on the lead to start with, but soon settles down.  Beryl can be let off the lead, and will usually come back to you.  It is best to make sure she is familiar with the area before letting her loose to reduce the chance of her running off.  Beryl is used to travelling in the car, but travels in a crate to stop her from bouncing excitedly around the vehicle.  Beryl is a very happy and sociable dog, who has never shown any aggression to people or other dogs.  She sees all other dogs as potential friends, and will happily bounce up to them to introduce herself.


At home, Beryl is house trained, but has not used a crate since she was a puppy.  She is not destructive of household items, but has chewed up her own bedding and toys.  Her new garden must be secure, as Beryl is happy to take herself off to explore the area.  Beryl is usually happy to return stolen items, unless they are food items, in which case she would rather hold on to them and growl at people who try to take them from her.  She has never bitten anyone, but this reaction might startle someone unfamiliar with dogs.  Because of this, we would not rehome Beryl to a household with young children.


Beryl has lived with a cat, so a cat could be part of her new household.  She has lived with older children, who have learned to give her some space when she needs it, so a home with older, dog experienced children could be considered for her.  Beryl loves to be out and about, running on beaches or all over the park, so an active and busy household who could provide her with lots of exercise would be great for her.  She is a kind and gentle girl, who will be a lovely family dog.