Bertie ref 3070

Bertie ref 3070

Contact: 01283 575175

Date of birth: 26th December 2015

Colour: Tricolour

Gender: Male, neutered

* Has grown up around children

* Hasn’t lived with cats

* Could live with another dog

* House trained

* Not used to spending time alone

🐶 Bertie 🐾 has grown up in a busy, active home where he’s had company from people of all ages throughout the day.

🏠 He’d love to find somewhere similar, as he likes being around people and hates being home alone. 😔 Ideally, his new home would have a secure garden, as Bertie will take himself for a walk if he can find a way out. 🌳 Bertie is very sociable on walks, 🚶‍♂️ and loves to meet other dogs.

🐕 He is submissive and polite, 🤝 and is thrilled when they want to play.

🎾 His favorite sort of walk is one where he and his friends can get thoroughly covered in mud. 🌧️