Benson and Poppy

Tri coloured male and tri colured female

Location: Stafforshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Poppy and Benson are a pair of tri colour companions who are looking for a new home as their owners work for the NHS.  Benson is a male beagle who was born on 31st March 2012, and Poppy is a female who was born on 11th June 2015.  Benson is microchipped, and Poppy is vaccinated and microchipped.


Poppy and Benson have been raised as outdoors dogs.  They are used to having the run of their owners’ land, and have not had much experience of being inside a house.  If they were to be house dogs with their new family, they would need to be slowly introduced to home comforts, and the everyday sights and sounds of a home.  This would need a patient and calm family, who are willing to help them take small steps as they found their feet in their new environment.


Due to being outside and having the freedom to roam, Poppy and Benson have not been used to being walked on a lead.  Poppy and Benson are used to being on their own if you have to go out, and have each other for company.   They are used to meeting children, and enjoy playing and running around with the children who visit them.  Having said that, as they have never been in a house, let alone one with children, their new home would need to be a calm environment with people who understood the need to let them take their time to discover their new world, so it might be better if any children in their new home were older children who would help them make the adjustment to domestic life.  They are a handsome pair of hounds, and love attention, whether that’s a fuss, a grooming session, or even a bath!