Benson and Bella

6 year old tri coloured male and 3 year old tri coloured female

Location: Staffordshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Benson is a six year old tri colour male, who is looking for a new home where he will not be the only dog in the household.  He is neutered and microchipped.

Benson is happy to go for a walk wearing his harness, which reduces his pulling.  Benson has not been walked off lead.  He is used to travelling in the car, but he can get travel sick, so his new owners would need to be sympathetic to this.  Benson has never shown aggression to people, and is fine with other dogs, although he can bark at male dogs he meets.

At home, Benson is house trained and crate trained, and can be left alone for a few hours.  He is not destructive, and has never tried to escape from his secure garden.  If Benson steals an item he will give it back – unless it is food.

Benson could live with a cat, but would prefer not to be the only dog in the house as he has always had canine company at home in the past.  His owner says he has always been good with children, so older children would be considered as part of his new home.  He would love to be a part of a family who will play lots of games with him and keep him busy, because he loves to play like a puppy.


Bella is a 3 year old tri colour female, She is vaccinated and chipped.

Bella is used to walking on a harness and lead.  She has not been walked off lead.  Bellatrix travels well in the car.  She has never shown aggression to any other dog or person.  She loves to meet other dogs, and is always friendly to them.  She barks excitedly to greet them, and is submissive.

At home, Bella is house trained and crate trained, and can be left alone for a few hours.  She can be destructive of small items, but has never shown any interest in items like furniture.  Bellatrix is good at escaping, so her new home must have a very secure garden.  If Bellatrix steals an item, she will return it without any trouble.

Bella has never lived with cats, so her new home should be cat free.  She has lived with children, so she could live with a family of adults only, or adults with calm and responsible children.  Bellatrix is a playful and affectionate girl with loads of character, who enjoys a game of fetch just as much as she enjoys sitting on your lap.