Barney ref 3104

Barney ref 3104

Location: Manchester

Contact: 01283 575175

Date of birth: 12th December 2020

Colour: Tricolour

Gender: Male, not neutered

* Has never lived with children

* Could live with another dog

* House trained

* Not used to spending time alone

Barney is a very sweet little boy 🐾 who loves company and going out on walks 🌳. He can be a bit of a scaredy-cat with new things 🙀, but as long as he is with his trusted person, he is happy 😊. He needs lots of company as he doesn’t like being left alone due to a prolonged period of time in a boarding kennels 🐶. He is a little scared of our cat but sometimes barks at him so would be fine with a confident cat who wouldn’t be bothered by this 🐱.

He is a bit boisterous and full of energy 💥, so would ideally live with only adults or teenagers who are used to beagles 🚶‍♂️. He is strong on the lead and could do with some training while walking 🐕, but walks a little better on a harness 🏋️‍♂️. He is a very clever boy and would benefit from someone who is willing to stimulate him with lots of training sessions and puzzle treats 🧠🍖, especially if he doesn’t have another playful beagle to entertain him in the household 🏡.

He can be a little stubborn, and sometimes will steal things for attention, but will usually swap for a treat 🍪. He must be rehomed with someone who is willing to let him sleep upstairs with them, as he is a clingy boy and doesn’t really like the dark 🌙. Barney does enjoy destroying soft toys, socks, and rope toys but loves to play chase and fetch with balls 🎾.

He isn’t much of a cuddler but loves to sit in between your feet and be given lots of fuss and attention, he is slowly coming up on the furniture to cuddle next to you 🛋️. He needs someone who will give him time to settle and gain trust, who is home the vast majority of the time 🕰️.