Tri coloured male DOB: October 2016

Location: Staffordshire

Contact: 01283 575 175

Bailey is a tri colour male, born 27th October 2016, who needs a new home as his family’s circumstances have changed and he is spending too much time by himself.  He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.


Bailey likes to go for a walk, and has used a harness in the past.  He tried a Halti, but didn’t get on with it.  He can pull at first, but soon settles down and walks nicely.  Bailey is not walked off lead unless he is in a secure area, as he has a tendency to run off and go exploring by himself.  Bailey travels nicely in the car using a seatbelt attachment.  Bailey can be possessive of high value food items like bones, and has nipped his owner when he tried to take them away, so his new owner would need to be aware of how to manage a dog with this issue.  Bailey enjoys meeting other dogs, but possessiveness can mean he snaps at them if he feels threatened, so the best walks for him are calm and controlled ones.


At home, Bailey is house trained and crate trained, although he does very rarely have an accident.  Bailey enjoys his crate, and sees it as his safe space.  He can be left alone for a few hours with it, but if he feels he has been left for too long, he will chew up items like hats and shoes to let you know he is unhappy or wants more exercise.  Bailey has never tried to escape from his secure garden.


Because of Bailey’s possessive issues, he would be best suited to a cat free, adult only family, or one with teenage children.  While he has always been friendly with children, he needs a family where everyone can be involved in helping him overcome his issues and give him lots of positive reinforcement training.  He has lots of energy, so would love to live with an active family who could provide him with lots of mental and physical stimulation, ideally involving his beloved tennis balls and footballs.  He will flourish in the right environment with people who are committed to helping him manage his behaviour.