6 month old male tri coloured

Location: Worcestershire

Contact: 01905 831651


Alfred is in the care of Worcestershire animal rescue if you wish to en-suite about Alfred you need to contact them directly.

This is Alfred. He is a super friendly boy who just loves to see and meet everyone and everything. Still being a puppy he is a bit uncoordinated and his brakes have not yet fully developed, he is a little bundle of energy. He already knows a few basic commands, but being a Beagle he has a mind of his own and his nose will often take him places and distract him. Alfred is in need of some training and to learn how to share his toys and other items. The staff at WARS are helping him with this, but this will need to be continued to be worked with by his new family.

He is a typical young Beagle with a love of chewing and pinching items. Once he has them, getting them back is not easy. If you try to take them, he will try to grab them back so an adult only home with a family experienced with the Beagle breed is a must. He is great with other dogs, so a home with another dog or Beagle could prove really beneficial. We are happy to do doggy introductions her at the shelter.

He really is a lovely dog, who needs someone who understands him and can work with him in his young age, to ensure his naughty behaviors don’t continue in to adulthood.