Beagle Welfare's Golden Oldie scheme

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Beagle Welfare will open its doors and hearts to beagles of any age: no beagle is considered too old to find its forever home. It is a sad fact, though, that the older they are the longer they wait for that perfect person to come along and take them home. For the golden oldies, days are precious and those days spent in rescue they are only getting older, and sadder.

Imagine the confusion and shock for an older dog who finds himself at a rescue after a life in a family environment. These poor hounds often pine for days, bewildered by their new surroundings and routine.

Older dogs are most often surrendered through no fault of their own. There are the usual reasons such as marital splits, changes in work commitments or a new baby, but with the oldies many come in from elderly or infirm owners, owners who have had to move into sheltered accommodation or those who have died. Sometimes they are abandoned simply because they have become old or an inconvenience and the owners would prefer a dog that is younger, cuter and has more energy.

Whilst we cannot deny that a beagle pup is incredibly cute, that cuteness brings with it toilet training, chewing and a lot of hard work and energy. Adult dogs and golden oldies are calmer and easier, they usually come with some level of training and they make wonderfully loyal companions. They are often content with a cosy bed and a leisurely walk each day. That’s not to say an oldie will be boring: it is a beagle after all! We love beagles for their cheeky, greedy, quirky and entertaining nature and these traits stay with them long into their senior years.

Oldies can suit any home, but a senior dog may be more appropriate if you are an older person yourself. Older people often benefit from the companionship of a dog but do not have the energy for a young pup. An older hound may also be the answer if you have a younger dog who needs a companion: beagles are known to be better in pairs or packs, and an oldie can help settle a youngster and of course the pup will learn from them.

Adopting any dog comes with concerns but none more so than with an oldie. There are concerns over vet bills and impending heartache because you may not have them for long. But beagles are known to be a generally healthy breed that can live to 15 or older, so adopting a dog of eight or more means you could have many wonderful years with your new friend.

beagle welfare golden oldie

At Beagle Welfare a golden oldie is classed as a dog eight years and over. For some other breeds eight is indeed old, but anyone who has owned a beagle will know that this is really not old at all. But at eight years and above these dogs are frequently overlooked, with the majority of applications for adoption requesting dogs aged five or younger.

One of the reasons for this is anxiety about possible vet bills and ill health. For this reason, Beagle Welfare introduced the golden oldie scheme, which is designed to encourage the adoption of middle-aged and older beagles.

Owners of Welfare beagles are, of course, expected to take responsibility for their hounds. However, we would not wish to deprive a beagle of a good home, or an owner of the companionship and enjoyment of looking after an older beagle, just because financial circumstances are restricted.

Therefore, anyone adopting a hound aged eight years and over from Beagle Welfare may, if appropriate, apply to the trustees for assistance with veterinary bills which are over and above routine maintenance.

Adopting a dog of any age comes with huge rewards, but none more so than that of an oldie. Oldies prove to be the easiest of hounds and their gratitude, loyalty and love will know no bounds.

If you would like more information on our golden oldies scheme please contact us.

Please note you will need to contact the rehoming centre for information any specific beagle.