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Beagle rehoming process

Thinking about rehoming a beagle?

Thinking about adopting a beagle? Before you consider rehoming a beagle please be sure that you have read the entire contents of this website and that you understand the beagle’s needs and characteristics.

Don’t even think of rehoming a beagle if you are out at work all day – that’s why many of them come into rescue in the first place. A lonesome beagle is a very vocal and destructive little hound. They’ll ruin your home and your relationship with your neighbours!

If you think you can give a beagle all the exercise, he needs by taking him for a couple of long walks at the weekend, forget it! These hounds need daily exercise – and that’s for the rest of their lives. The oldies may not need as much, but the stimulation of a daily outing keeps their zest for life. Remember, beagles are scent hounds and many are not reliable off lead!

We have to get to know you before we will allow you to adopt a beagle. You will need to ring up and request an application and have a chat with one of us. We will then send out the application to adopt by email or post. On receipt of a completed application, we will arrange a home check visit.

Completed application to adopt forms should be sent to the national rehoming manager (email:; post: Beagle Welfare rehoming centre, Coulters Hill Cottage, Pipey Lane, Burton upon Trent, DE13 8SJ). If your application has been approved they will be able to answer your enquiries about the beagles awaiting rehoming.

Starsky at Beagle Welfare

Thinking about rehoming a beagle?

A rescued beagle will have been uprooted from the home it knows, may have spent some time in kennels, and so it may take some length of time before it feels that your home is also its home. During the settling in period, you must be prepared for your beagle to howl or scratch doors, even be destructive when left alone. However, beagles usually adapt to new circumstances quickly – you just need to have patience and understanding to help it adjust to a new life. Owners’ experiences of owning a rescued beagle are shared in Happy Tails published in our twice-yearly magazine, In Full Cry.

Adopting a beagle - the process

Rehoming a dog, any dog, should never be undertaken lightly and all potential adopters are urged to fully research the breed – have you read the entire contents of this website? If you haven’t got the time and patience to do that, then you certainly won’t have the time and patience to live, harmoniously, with a beagle! Consider your lifestyle, your family and your working commitments, is a beagle the right breed for you and more importantly (as far as we’re concerned!) are you the right person for a beagle? If you have decided a beagle is the dog for you, but for various reasons you would prefer one that isn’t a puppy, you might like to consider giving a home to a ‘rescued’ hound. There are many reasons for rehoming beagles. Sometimes the hound has not been given the necessary love and care and has developed some bad habits through lack of attention and training. Often the owner’s situation changes, and the beagle finds, through no fault of its own, that it can no longer live with them. Divorce, illness and bereavement, can all be reasons why a beagle needs a new home. Beagle Welfare has also helped with finding special homes for hounds which have been ‘institutionalised’ for several years, used as breeding stock for beagles sent to laboratories, or in puppy-farms supplying pet shops and dealers.
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