Beagle Welfare Publications

We have two extremely helpful booklets which we strongly recommend you download and read. They are packed full of information about beagles and what to expect as a beagle owner.

Downloads are free, but all donations to cover publication costs are appreciated. You can also order copies of both publications by contacting the National Secretary.

Beagles as Pets

Understanding Your Beagle

Recommended Reading

Doglopaedia: A Complete Guide to Dog Care by J. M. Evans and Kay White

Amazon Review: This book is a must for dog lovers. Informative and easy to read. One of those books that when you are looking for an answer regarding dogs its the one that you grab.

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Beagles (A Complete Pet Owner’s Manual) by Lucia Roesel-Parent

Beagles are especially perceptive, intelligent little hounds. Although natural hunters, they adapt readily to home life. Titles in Barron’s extensive selection of Complete Pet Owner’s Manuals are filled with useful information and heavily illustrated with high-quality photos and anatomically accurate line drawings.

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Training Your Beagle (Training Your Dog) by Kristine Kraeuter

These cheerful canines have been trained as hunters since the dawn of history, but they also make affectionate house pets. Here’s everything the neophyte owner needs to know about the Beagle and its traits.

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Beagles (Lifestyle Paperback) by Kim Campbell Thornton

Amazon reviewer states "In adopting our rescue Beagle, Lucy, earlier this year, I needed a good reference book, giving me the history & care material necessary for understanding & working with a Beagle—this was my winner! I perused, read through, and really 'reviewed' several books at my local libraries, and decided upon this one as the best to put in my reference library at home. Not only is it very informative, to the point, and full of great advice and tips on getting to know your Beagle, it does not focus too heavily on the show aspect of a Beagle."

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The Beagle Handbook (Pet Handbooks) by Dan Rice

Here is detailed advice for owners of this cheerful breed, which is adaptable as a hunter or a household pet. Titles in this pet care series are similar to Barron’s Pet Owner’s Manuals, but are larger, with more detailed instruction and more illustrations. The books advise pet owners on purchase, health care, nutritious feeding, proper housing and other facts important to owners and their pets.

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The Beagle (Terra-Nova) by Diane Morgan

The Beagle is a very smart dog with a high level of trainability. Learn the best training methods for embracing the Beagle#39;s cheerful, fun-loving nature while also managing his somewhat stubborn tendencies.

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Beagle: A Comprehensive Guide to Owning and Caring for Your Dog (Kennel Club) by Evelyn E. Lanyon

Traces the history of the breed, describes breed standards, discusses care and grooming requirements, and includes information on training.

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Other Resources

There are many other organisations and groups who may be able to help you further.

The Beagle Association

Mrs J Lennard
Tel: 0845 4568334
Email: [email protected]

The Beagle Club

Secretary, Mr Deryck Player
Tel: 01379 384405

The Kennel Club

1 Clarges Street
Tel: 0870 606 6750
Fax: 020 7518 1058

Beagle Breed Clubs

Beagle Club of Northern Ireland

Mrs P Huey: Tel. 028 9146 3340

The Northern and Midland Counties Beagle Club

Mrs M Walker: Tel. 01226 390199

Devon, Cornwall and South West Beagle Society

Mrs M J Kingsland Email: [email protected]

Four Counties Beagle Club

Mr B Foster: Tel. 01325 320960

Scottish Beagle Club

Mrs D Linden: Tel. 01698 359036

Welsh Beagle Club

Mrs L Mitchell: Tel. 01291 421567

West Mercia Beagle Club

Mrs M Davies: Tel. 01952 404670

The Beagle Club

Mrs C Lewis