4 year old tri coloured male

Location: Suffolk

Contact: 01283 575 175

Flynn is a 4 year old tri coloured male. He is castrated vaccinated and chipped. Flynn will need an adult only home with beagle experience. Flynn can be aggressive with stolen items and food so will need his new owner to work and manage this behaviour in the correct way. He can bark at other dogs and be reactive so his new owner would need to work on this also, he has lived with another dog before so depending on the other dog he may be able to live with another one. He is housetrained but can have the odd accident when anxious and stressed. He was crate trained as a puppy and also has his meals in his crate. He is used to traveling, can be let off lead but only in secure areas. He can’t live with cats.Flynn is a very independent dog who does what makes him happy he can be stubborn and not listen at times, he loves a game of find it and getting a reward for finding the item you hide. He is very food orientated which helps with training. He is quite chilled and loves to sleep and relax but still enjoys his walks. He is a typical beagle on the scrounge for food. He loves laying by the fire in winter and sprawled out on the lawn in the summer sun.